Now your favourite game is avaiable on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and play Dota 2 on your phone!

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Dota 2 android
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Dota 2 mobile? Now it’s possible to launch it!

A lot of people think that playing PC games on mobile devices is impossible. Although in many cases conversions do not guarantee fully working applications, there are some exceptions. A great example of such exception is Dota 2 android and ios version that you can find at this page. Today we would like to show you that in a very effortless and problem free way you are going to enjoy Dota 2 mobile. That is why if you want to lay your hands on this app and use our Dota 2 download links, make sure to read the rest of the text.

Down there we decided to include several important elements. First of all, we will tell you what this game is all about to fully understand why it is a good idea to have Dota 2 mobile game. There, we will talk about all the benefits of this title. Besides that, the article will also show you why getting Dota 2 apk from this website is the best thing you can do. Last but certainly not least, we will introduce you with short description thanks to which getting Dota 2 on your smartphone will be very easy and transparent.

What is Dota 2 all about?

A lot of people heard about MOBA games. It is an abbreviation from Massive Online Battle Arena. To put it shortly, games of this type allow you to pick a champion of a character and then move to a virtual arena. There, we have to cooperate with other players in order to defeat the enemy team. In most titles, there are two teams that consist of 5 players. The same thing concerns Dota 2. However, besides that game, we should also remember about such productions as League of Legends (known as LoL) and Smite, which is a MOBA game with 3D graphics.

The most important elements that make Dota 2 so interesting is the fact that there are hundreds of different characters to choose from. Of course each and every one of them possesses special abilities that can turn the tide in almost every war. Obviously, we need to remember that these ultimate powers, also called ultimates, need to be applied properly.

Dota 2 can boast with quite balanced gameplay and clear to understand user interface. That is also why so many people enjoy playing this game. However, to make things even more entertaining, we decided to take Dota 2 and put it on mobile devices.

Dota 2 character

How to download and install the game on your phone?

The entire process is very simple and does not require from you any additional work. You don’t have to install additional things on your computer. What is even more important, you don’t need to jailrbreak or root your device to make these things work. Just follow a few simple steps that you can see down below to make sure that you install the game appropriately.

  • Click the download button and get app on your device. Please note that this is not Google Play or iTunes, and as a result of that, you may be asked to accept downloading files from other sources.
  • After downloading is complete, install Dota 2 and launch it.
  • When the game starts to load, you may be asked to verify yourself.
  • For the verification process to be complete, click the “ok” button that will redirect you to a new page. There, just follow the information that will show you how to unlock the game.
  • Once the verification process is done, restart Dota 2 Mobile.
  • From this moment onward, the game is available for as long as you desire.
Dota 2 character

Why is it a good idea to use Dota 2 mobile download links?

Not everyone realizes but thanks to access to Dota 2 Mobile, you will be able to play this game on smartphones without worrying about compatibility and optimization! Besides that, Dota 2 ios or android version is also compatible with PC version. It means that if you want, you can play against other players from basic version of the game.

Besides that, we should bear in mind that Dota 2 in this version:

  • Is as rich as PC version of the game. All game modes, all leagues, all events, and all other elements that will appear in the PC version of the title will also appear in here;
  • Guarantees compatibility at the highest level. No matter if you have outdated phone or brand new iPhone. You can run it on all versions of phones with Android and iOS.
  • Is compressed quite a lot. It means that you don’t have to prepare dozens of gigabytes on this game. It weighs almost nothing and offers everything. That is why it takes little for the game to be ready on your phone.
  • Offers great graphics. Visuals in mobile version of Dota 2 is as good as in the case of PCs. It is because the compression did not change the visuals.
  • Enables all the adjustments. If you like, you can change controls and steering the way you want. There is a full possibility to set the keys in the way you truly desire. By that we mean that you don’t have to worry about even a single button that would not suit you.
  • As you can see, the game that you receive from Dota 2 free download links is almost the same as in case of PC version. Mobile game that we give you introduces all the elements that one could find in the original version. The optimization is great and the access to all features not troubling. This is why we strongly believe that using Dota 2 Mobile version from our links is the best thing you can do.

Dota 2 character

Do not wait any longer, play Dota 2 Mobile on your mobile device!

That’s all we prepared for you today. We hope that you are going to enjoy Dota 2 on your iOS or Android device as much as we enjoyed it!